Programmes (Stage2)

The Genius Program was launched in the framework of the MATEHETSZ, under the aegis of which professors of the University of Debrecen and teachers from our school published the Genius Books, examining the new pedagogical and methodological possibilities in the field of talent management.

In the framework of the programme, 5 of our colleagues have passed their specialised examinations.

Our teachers provided in-service training for other teachers on the topic of talent management, as programme writers and teachers of the Genius Programme Office, on the subjects of Hungarian, mathematics, German, physics and biology.
As a result, our teachers have received several recognitions for the guiding and defining roles in the area of talent management: our school can boast of 4 recipients of the Bonis As Bona award, 1 recipient of the Professor Rátz Award, 1 MesterM award winner, 1 recipient of the MOL Talent Management Award, 1 recipient of the Richter Award for the Teaching of Chemistry, and 1 recipient of the Pro Progression scholarship

Last update: 2023. 04. 14. 13:10