Application for TalentUD program

Application for the talent management program is open!

Let us present the University of Debrecen Talent Management Program (in short: TalentUD) to you. The program aims to unfold the hidden potential of talented students. Talent management takes place primarily at the departments and institutes; it is based on the research work of students, under the direction of academic supervisors.


   TalentUD provides:

  • Research work under the supervision of an experienced researcher;
  • Financial support based on performance (further information after admission);
  • Upon graduation: diploma supplement about participation in the program, which also includes academic achievements. The diploma supplement may be considered as an advantage when applying for MA, MSc or Ph.D. studies;
  • Participating students’ department/institute will provide (if possible) financial contribution for photocopying, registration fees at conferences, scientific/art competitions, travel allowance and accommodation fee, costs of field practices, library services (registration, borrowing deposit copies), research trip
  • Possibility to take on extra subjects/courses
  • Possibility to participate in training/ workshops 
  • Reference or recommendation letter is available for the participating students from the faculty coordinator or the TalentUD coordinator for conferences, study trips, study abroad, summer scholarships.


Application is open for:

  • Students who have a research area (field of interest) and find a suitable academic supervisor
  • Full-time undergraduate, graduate and one-cycle students with an active student status, who have completed at least two semesters and have not been inactive for more than two semesters during their studies
  • The program is NOT open for Ph.D. students


Application process:

  • fill out the application form on website:
  • upload a one-page research plan/work plan after discussing it with your supervisor (must be signed by the supervisor and the student)
  • The research plan/ work template is available on the website.


Application deadline: 25 February

  • You must complete every point in the application form and upload the work plan because incomplete applications will be rejected 
  • After the formal evaluation, the decision will be made by the faculty TalentUD committees and the Talent Council by 1 March.
  • Students will be informed of the decision before 9 March by email.


For further information:

Zsófia Olvasztó (Ms)

Talent coordinator

Scientific Directorate (Main Building, room 214.)

Tel: +36 52 512-900 ext. 62280





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