The preparation of the Talent Management Programme of the University of Debrecen started in 2008, and the acceptance of the first draft of its regulations by the Senate of the University in June 2008 was preceded by a long period of operative work. The actual work could thus start in September 2008. The regulations have been revised continuously since, in response to questions/problems arising.

Who is the programme aimed at?

  • It is aimed at students who, beyond the required subjects, are interested in research, would like to immerse in a topic more in depth; in addition, the programme also supports artistic activities (only in case of students of the Faculty of Music).
  • The regulation provides that the programme is to be open to all active students in the full-time or correspondence programmes who had not interrupted their studies for more than two semester, and already have  2 completed semesters.

What is the objective of the programme? (regulation)

  • To help students unfold their inherent talent
  • To facilitate their entry into the master’s and PhD programmes
  • Ultimately, to help the most talented students in their efforts to become researchers and faculty members, to contribute to the education of the next generation academic staff at the university


  • Research with help from an adviser
  • Research support
  • A diploma supplement on the completion of the programme

How is the work conducted?

  • Research activities conducted with the help of advisers, on the basis of an individual work plan (instead of taking courses, this means engaging in research and then presenting the results at some forum, e.g. in the form of publications, conference papers, posters, concerts).
  • The programme also encompasses work in student research groups, honours colleges, self-educating groups; the talent programme organises these into a uniform framework.
  • Participation in the programme is registered in the Neptun system by taking a so-called consultation credit, announced by the adviser; completion of this credit is the condition of remaining in the programme.
  • Course credits: maximum 3 per semester in addition to the required number of credits, in consultation with the adviser, free of charge. This is a possibility, not a requirement.

How can one get into the programme?

  • By way of individual application in each September and February. A message is sent via the Neptun system (it is important to have a topic and an adviser), electronic registration is possible via the web page; the attention of students in the honours colleges is called to this possibility also separately; admission is not automatic.

The structure of the programme

  • The research activities are performed by the students at the department, with the assistance of their advisers.
  • The activities at the departments are coordinated by the faculties’ talent committees.
  • The leading body of talent management is the Talent Council, headed by the vice rector responsible for scientific affairs, currently Dr. László Csernoch (since 1 July 2013). Additional members of the Council include the faculty coordinators, representatives of the honours colleges and the student government, and the head of the Regional Talent Point of the University of Debrecen.
  • Also operating at the university is a so-called Regional Talent Point, which ensures the link between DETEP and the secondary schools. Some of the honours colleges also have such efforts by way of their secondary school sections and programmes. The aim is to attract the most talented secondary school students to the University.

Research support

  • The faculties allocate between 30,000 and 100,000 per semester and per student participating in the talent management programme, for the purpose of supporting research projects and for individual development.

Diploma supplement

  • A certificate and a summary of the credits completed.
  • This can be an advantage when applying for admission to master’s or PhD programmes.


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