Grants (Stage 2)

From 2010, the opportunities for grants have opened up for the school.  Kossuth Grammar School has been the recipient of a large number of grants, so only the most important of these can be mentioned here.

  • TÁMOP 3.1.7-11/2 project: pre-accredited reference institution
    • The accreditation acquired by the grammar school indicates, among other things, that the school uses educational and teaching methods ensuring the individual development of the pupils, and that the content and methods of competence-based education and teaching appear in the pedagogical work. The work culture of the institution is characterized by an open environment; in addition, continuous self-development and professional renewal are also considered as important tasks.
  • TÁMOP–3.4.4/B-08/1-2009-0045
    • According to its creed, our school is a child-centred institution engaged in talent management and the transmitting of values, which would like to become a determining talent management and methodological workshop in the city and the region. It was for this purpose that the talent point of the school was established last year, and our application for the TÁMOP networking programme was submitted (TÁMOP–3.4.4/B-08/1-2009-0045), in the framework of which we offer a series of events and in-service trainings sessions aimed at pupils and teachers as well.
  • TÁMOP-3.1.5-09/A-2-2010-024
    • With our grant application titled “The renewing of the pedagogical culture of the teachers working in the Lajos Kossuth Demonstration Grammar School of the University of Debrecen”, we successfully participated in project no. TÁMOP-3.1.5-09A-2-2010-0245 in the framework of the Social Renewal Operational Programme.
    • The supporting of talent management programmes contributing to the enhancement of the competences of pupils in public education in the areas of natural sciences, mathematics and engineering.
  • NTP-KTMK-11-0076 - GLOBE talent management project
  • NTP-KTMK-11-0080 – KutaKoDiK
  • NTP-KTMK-12-0016 – KutaKoDiK – 2013
  • European Schoolnet iTEC (Innovative Technologies for the Engaging Classroom), 1st testing
  • European Schools for a Living Planet IV. (WWF project)
    • Study groups preparing pupils for competitions in mathematics and natural sciences implemented with the involvement of pupil mentors successful in talent management competitions (OPER 1429) (OPER 1439) (OPER 2209) (OPER 2218) (OPER 1383) OPER 3344 OPER 3372 OPER 3474
  • Twelve is not a dozen!
    • The preparation of portrait interviews, illustrated with photos, as well as short films introducing talented youth – the project of “Acta DE Kossuth” electronic school magazine on talent management.     
    • The supporting of talent management workshops in primary, secondary and vocational schools, dormitories and cultural institutions (NTP-TM-13-0072 – model development)
    • The strengthening of competences in the fields of mathematics, natural sciences, engineering, IT, as well as competences necessary for the learning of vocations in institutes of public education (NTP-MTI-13-0049 – The teaching of block programming languages)
    • Supporting the development and implementation of 30 and 60-hour individual development programmes for talented pupils/youth (NTP-EFP-13-014 – Talented chemist)
    • ProProgressional common physics - biology grant


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