Competitions, competition results

Our school has always been participating very successfully in the Movement of Researcher Pupils (TUDOK), launched in 1996. A tangible result of this competition series is that our pupils do quite well not only in the school and the city, but also in international competitions, with their topics and research areas discovered in the school, and their results achieved.

 International successes in competitions

  • 8th International Conference of Young Scientists (Moscow, 2010/2011)
    • Life Sciences section - special prize for innovation Zsófia Baji
    • Summer School of Science, international researchers’ camp (Croatia) - one of the two pupils per country to participate from Hungary: Zsófia Baji
    • International Summer Science Camp of Nanotechnology, Energetics and Medicine (Denmark) - one of the three pupils to per country to participate: Zsófia Baji
  • 2011/2012 Synthetic Biology pupil programme (iGEM). Amsterdam
    • Golden level: Éva Bényei
    • International Earth Science Olympiad
    • Bronze medal: Viktória Szeifert
    • 19th International Conference of Young Scientists (Amsterdam)
    • Silver medal: Éva Bényei
  • 20th International Conference of Young Scientists (Bali, 2012/2013)
    • Gold medal and special prize: Éva Bényei (life science section)
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