Programmes (Stage 1)

As an UNESCO associated school, the leader and teachers of Kossuth Grammar School – combining forces with the professors of the university – paid particular attention to the development programmes and research projects of the European Council of High Ability. This is how a UNESCO camp was organized in our school, the Globe Programme (an environmental program which has been running for many years, building on local measurements and their evaluation), and it was also in the framework of which we have been the partner school of the Goethe Institute of Germany since 2008. This relationship primarily provides professional support, and specifically within that diverse opportunities for learners and teachers of  German alike.

In the framework of the programme, pupils have an opportunity to participate in numerous German-language international programmes in formats taking place outside of traditional classroom activities, such as theatre meetings, online journalism course, the debate competition title “The Youth of the World Debating”, watching German-speaking films in the Goethe Cinema series, or attending the Deutscher Kulturkreis sessions of the school.

Thanks to our status as a partner school, our talented pupils receive financial and professional support helping them to successfully take the language examinations of the Goethe Institute, while our most outstanding pupils can even participate in a 3-week summer scholarship programme in Germany.

Last update: 2023. 04. 14. 13:10